Gurukul has a “Welcome to All Children” policy. Students are admitted irrespective of nationality, race, caste, gender, or ability. The school has classes from Playgroup to Std. X, divided into three sections, i.e. Pre-primary, Primary and Secondary.

Academic Stage Age Group
Pre-Primary Playgroup, Junior KG, Senior KG
Primary Std. I to VII
Secondary Std. VIII to X

Check Admission Status

If you have already filled in and submitted the application form and want to know the status of the admission, you can check admission status here. You would need the applicants date of birth, application no., mobile no. and email-id submitted in the form.

Admission Criteria

Gurukul strongly believes that every child should experience its distinct tradition and culture firsthand, by spending two days in the school, prior to the final decision of paying the fees.

This will not only help the child to acclimatise to the unique environment, but also help in a developing a deeper understanding of the various challenges (academic or otherwise) that they may face. This process ensures that all children and their parents arrive at a well-informed decision when acquiring admission at Gurukul.

Admissions are dependent on the availability of seats. The age, as on 1st June of the academic year, for each class are as listed below:

Class Age Group Assessment
Playgroup 2 years 9 months – 3 years 8 month NA
Junior KG 3 years 9 months – 4 years 8 months NA
Senior KG 4 years 9 months – 5 years 8 months NA
I – III 5 years 9 months – 8 years 8 months NA
IV – VI 8 years 9 months – 11 years 8 months English, Mathematics
VII – X 11 years 9 months – 14 years 8 months English, Mathematics, Science


Gurukul is an un-aided school. Fees for Pre-primary, Primary, and Secondary schools are displayed on the School Notice Board at the beginning of the academic year.

Please note: Gurukul Pre-primary section is a separate entity with its own admission charges. A fresh admission charge has to be paid for admission to the Primary section.

Fee Payment Schedule

1st term – before 10th April

2nd term – before 10th September

Please note: This applies even to those who are seeking financial assistance from the school. The school will not send any verbal/written reminders for payment of fees. Fees, once paid, will not be refunded.


Documents for Submission during Application:

  • School Leaving Certificate/Transfer Certificate (Must be endorsed by ‘Government Education Authorities’)
  • Visa/President Permit (for students coming from abroad)
  • Senior KG children seeking admission to Std. I in the Primary need to follow the admission procedure once again.
  • Similarly, Middle School i.e. Std. VII children, have to be re-admitted into the Secondary School. Therefore, one needs to follow the admission process to secure admission to Std. VIII.

Please note: Students will be assessed for the basic skills acquired in the last examination passed.

Playgroup – Only on the first Saturday of December.

Junior KG to Class X – On the third Saturday of March depending on the availability of seats.

(Prospectus contains the Admission Form and Medical Form)



Prospectus & Admission Form

View and Download the Prospectus here