The Saraswati Educational Society is the brainchild of people passionate about children and their development. This was further conceived and conceptualised to merge the ancient ‘gurukula’ system with the emerging trends of the modern-day education system. Strong determination, persistence, faith, and sincere efforts of like-minded enthusiasts further led to the foundation of the Saraswati Educational Society, the authority under which Gurukul operates.

We follow National Curriculum Framework to instill in our children:

  • Independence of thought and action
  • Learning to respond to new situations flexibly and creatively
  • Pre-disposition for participation in democratic process and social change
  • Connecting knowledge to life outside the school
  • Ensuring that learning shifts away from rote methods
  • Enriching curriculum so that it goes beyond textbooks
  • Making examinations flexible

This focuses on the child as an active learner. Children must be encouraged to ask questions, relate what they are learning in schools to things happening outside and answer in their own words rather than by memorising. Therefore, moving away from rigid lesson planning to planning and designing activities that challenge children to think and try out what they are learning.

In the context of a fast-changing world and a competitive global context, it is imperative that we respect children’s native wisdom and imagination. By facilitating the practice of the widely acknowledged curricular principles of moving from “known to the unknown”, from “concrete to abstract”, and from “local to global”, we work to connect classroom knowledge to real life experiences. By building a sensitivity to others’ well-being and feelings, together with knowledge and understanding of the world, we inform the basis of a rational commitment to values for our children. With an emphasis on learning to learn, and instilling the willingness to unlearn and relearn as means of responding to new situations in a flexible and creative manner, we encourage free play, informal and formal games, yoga and sports activities as essential for our children’s physical and psycho-social development. The range of abilities as a result of games, sports and yoga will improve stamina, fine and gross motor skills and dexterities, self-awareness and control, and coordination in team games and future life experiences.

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