Our Motto


Discovering Inner Strength

Our Vision

A Community of Intergenerational Learners that embraces integrity and compassion


Our Mission

To create an inclusive learning environment of uncompromised quality.

Each one can bring their unique contribution towards fulfilling the school philosophy of promoting moral character, intellectual ingenuity, and global citizenship.

We ignite and empower young minds.

Our Values

  • Discipline that comes from within, with a sense of freedom and commitment to personal responsibility.
  • Integrity and truthfulness in all transactions.
  • Team-work and a spirit of mutual trust and cooperation.

Philosophy (The Spirit of Gurukul)

At Gurukul, we believe that the best education is one that inspires children with a desire to explore and learn; one that suggests rather than preaches.

Thus for the children to be focused and be active learners we ensure that :

  • we create a stress-free environment to approach everyday challenges.
  • there is independence in their thoughts and action.
  • they learn to respond to new situations flexibly and creatively.
  • we connect knowledge to life outside the school.
  • learning often shifts away from rote methods.
  • an enriching curriculum goes beyond textbooks.
  • examinations are non-threatening and flexible.


  • The development of ‘Swadhyay Shakti’ as an “enabling philosophy” to discover one’s inner strength.
  • To promote a research based analytical way of learning through projects.
  • To promote Indian Sanskriti.
  • To foster the dignity of labour.
  • To meet the above, we have taken the Nationally prescribed CBSE curriculum and have evolved an innovative methodology to impart the same.